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Fueled by a childhood fascination with cars that began at the age of 3, putting together lego cars, soapbox derby cars, and toy engines, Garrett Adams’ passion for racing was ignited by the virtual roar of engines in Gran Turismo on the original PlayStation. This early love for speed and competition laid the foundation for a remarkable journey that has taken him from virtual tracks to the real-world adrenaline rush of professional motorsports.

Garrett’s dedication and raw talent were evident from the very beginning. His first foray into professional racing was a dream come true, culminating in a podium finish – a moment he describes as finding his true home on the racetrack. This early success, coupled with the invaluable advice of “being confident in your abilities and taking advice from those ahead of you,” has fueled Garrett’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

While racing takes center stage, Garrett’s life is a tapestry woven with diverse passions. When he’s not pushing the limits behind the wheel, he’s actively juggling the challenges of pursuing a business degree, running his own detailing business, and overhauling his own cars and building computers. This well-roundedness translates into a strategic and focused approach on the track, where he combines his natural talent with a deep understanding of the engineering marvels he pilots.

Looking ahead, Garrett’s sights are firmly set on victory. As he transitions to a new Lamborghini Super Trofeo class for the 2024 season, his ambition is clear: to claim the Pro-Am Championship title. The bumpy track and searing temperatures of his home track at Sebring present a unique first challenge, but Garrett’s confidence is unwavering. He knows it will be a long season culminating at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on September 20-22. He’s most excited to share the thrill of competition with his co-driver, Luke Berkely, and bring success to the entire team.

Garrett Adams is a name to watch. His passion, dedication, heart, drive, and diverse skillset position him as a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack. Stay tuned for race updates, behind-the-scenes insights, and exclusive content as he continues to chase his racing dreams and leave his mark on the world of motorsports.

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